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The Response Company offers a wide range of services, including ambulance support, law enforcement coordination, quick response teams, emotional quotient support, employee wellness programs, pandemic support, cybercrime assistance, and ethics and POSH.

The Response Company provides COVID-19 support services through various means, such as COVID-19 testing, vaccination facilitation, doctor consultations, hospitalization support, and ambulance assistance.

The Response Company’s LE Coordination service aims to bridge the communication gap between enforcement agencies and clients. Through providing expert advice and support, we aid law enforcement personnel in accomplishing clients’ goals amid intricate legal scenarios, ensuring the protection of the rights of all parties involved.

Some key benefits of availing law enforcement coordination services from TRC are:

  • Improved information sharing and intelligence analysis,
  • Enhanced investigative capabilities, increased situational awareness,
  • Better coordination in emergency response situations,
  • Ability to address complex and cross-jurisdictional criminal activities more effectively

All these services + more are available through a centralized team

At The Response Company, Ethics & POSH refers to our efforts in establishing, monitoring, and managing a helpline that acts as a neutral platform for employees, third-party associates, and customers to raise any grievances related to ethics (whistleblower policy and code of conduct) and POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment).

The POSH helpline is staffed by trained professionals who are well versed about workplace sexual harassment and the legal obligations of organizations. When anyone contacts the helpline, you can expect assistance in understanding your rights, guidance on how to report incidents, information on the internal complaint procedure, and support throughout the investigation process. The helpline can also provide referrals to counselling services, legal aid, or other resources as needed.

Yes, the POSH helpline operates with strict confidentiality. When you contact the helpline, your identity and the details of your complaint will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. The information will only be shared with relevant parties involved in the investigation and resolution process.

Please note that the answers provided here are general in nature and may vary based on the specific policies and procedures implemented by your organization. It is advisable to consult your organization’s policy and contact the designated POSH helpline for accurate and tailored information.

Proficient in delivering training, workshops, and proactive preparedness programs. Possesses a well-established professional network for collaborating with authorized entities, including Law Enforcement Agencies, Financial Institutions, and others. Skilled in formulating and conveying negotiation strategies with perpetrators across different scenarios to mitigate risks.

Emotion Quotient at The Response Company involves providing on-call psychological counseling sessions to employees of our clients, helping them cope with emotional challenges during difficult times.

Incidents can be reported on the helpline in real time. The Response Company offers 24/7 support, allowing incidents to be reported around the clock.

QRT stands for Quick Response Team, which is responsible for promptly responding to incidents and accidents and overseeing all security matters on-site.

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