Ready, Set, Respond: How THE RESPONSE COMPANY is here to create an impact

The aim of every business irrespective of their size, industry, location and target audience is growth and making an impact which leads to profitability. And the company is formed in such a way that it aligns with the vision and mission with respect to it’s infrastructure and manpower. What truly sets your company apart is how well equipped you and your team are to face any kind of situation – both internal and external to the company. And we are here to assure you that you are ready to face any situation with reliance on us and confidence in yourself and your vision.

With immense experience and knowledge in the field of healthcare, innovation, technology, strategy and management, our founders Mr. Sumit Manon and Mr. Sanjeev Kumar jain initiated the seed of this manifestation that every company has the right to protect and secure their assets and minimize vulnerability to any kind of unpredicted events.

When it comes to real-time response, we aim to be the embodiment of efficiency. We are equipped with the skills and resources to spring into action immediately when an emergency occurs. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a medical crisis, a fire, or any other urgent situation, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that help is on the way in the shortest time possible.

That makes our preparedness diverse towards:

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Events that require the involvement of law enforcement and legal support
  • Employee wellness, safety and security
  • Protection and security of data

Worklife can get stressful. Our individual performance gets impacted by our work environment that includes our own motivation level, the support and co-ordination by our team members and colleagues, acknowledgement and appreciation of our work based on our merit, safety at work with respect to the infrastructure and the operations and even our own personal lives. Through our employee wellness policies, we bring together programs and solutions that enhance physical, mental and emotional wellness so one is able to freely open up and address certain issues and turbulences they are facing with complete assurance of confidentiality and guidance. 

How do we bring about safety at work through our employee wellness program?

In situations where you find discomfort from someone from the opposite sex, when you find out about some unusual functions in the workplace that can be hazardous and you don’t know how to raise a voice, we put together POSH, ethics and whistleblowing policies that brings about a change in the work culture as well as your safety at work.

Sometimes the ethical, the most important ethical question sometimes is the one you ask not at the moment of crisis, but the duty you have to anticipate certain kinds of crises and avoid them.

~ Rand Cohen – N.Y. Times

  Not all emergencies require preparedness and policies. There are some unpredicted events that require instant response to avoid further complications. These incidents include medical emergencies, legal emergencies/involvement of law enforcement, protection from cybercrime and disaster emergencies. This is where THE RESPONSE COMPANY holds pride in its prompt reactions and response to make sure the situation is under control through ambulance services, collaboration with law enforcement and navigation of challenges through our disaster recovery team.

Widely spread across 20+ states, we put forward our Quick Response Team that conducts an on-ground intervention once an incident has been reported. Depending on the nature of the incident reported, a member from the TRC command center takes charge (Law Enforcement/Medical Support/Emergency Response/Employee Grievance) of the situation finding the best and safest solution in real time followed by a report of the response. 

We believe that your workplace is an opportunity for you to put forward your true potential and not let any turbulence affect your performance.

Your Focus Is On Your Vision. Our Vision Is On Your Focus.

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