The Response Company gets ready for its official launch with a dedicated app

New Delhi, 04 October 2023: During a challenging time, we often don’t know what to do or whom to reach. Now it’s going to be the easiest modern-day solution—one touch button for all solutions through THE RESPONSE COMPANY (TRC). It is a new technology-based company with real-time on-the-ground resources to help.Among the notable B2B services offered by the company are ambulance support (with live tracking of ambulances as for cabs on the Ola/Uber app), Quick Response Team, and response to cybercrimes, including loss of money over online platforms. Other services also include law enforcement coordination, a psychologist helpline, employee wellness, an ethics helpline, and a POSH helpline. The best thing about the services is that they are available with just one touch button, without any complexity. The services are being utilised by many top corporations to reflect good care and responsibility for their employees. Such unique services not only provide mental peace for higher productivity but also encourage employee retention. As many corporations find it difficult to navigate through multiple departments, TRC is able to provide that support.  “In the modern era of technological advancements and evolving customer preferences, it is imperative for businesses to break away from archaic practices and embrace innovation to successfully cater to their audiences. And, at The Response Company, customer-centricity and innovation remain at the core of our diverse range of innovative solutions,” said Gurpawan Singh, an Ex-Para Commando and Sanjiv Kumar Jain, Directors, The Response Company. “The launch of our app will serve as a catalyst for bringing our inclusive services to the customers in a bid to support them during unforeseen events. Acting on our long-term vision, we will continue to help customers feel safe and secure in uncertain situations and support business continuity on the back of innovative solutions,” they added.

TRC’s support can be initiated using multiple options: a one-touch button on the app, a tele-helpline, a chat box, WhatsApp, and integration with the communication platforms of the company. TRC’s track record demonstrates its commitment to solving problems and delivering tangible results. TRC covers the full Indian geography for services. The launch of the TRC app will serve as a catalyst for bringing its inclusive services to customers in a bid to support them during unforeseen events. 

Today, as we unveil our groundbreaking app, we are not just launching technology; we are launching a lifeline,” said Sumit Manon, co-founder and CEO of The Response Company and Sagarika Chakraborty, an astute risk management professional and another co-founder of The Response Company. “In times of crisis, every second counts, and with our app, we’re putting those seconds back into your hands,” they added.

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